Always by your side - planning, preparing and providing emergency response to minimise business interruption, when the unexpected happens.

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Always by your side - planning, preparing and providing emergency response to minimise business interruption, when the unexpected happens.

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How long it will it take your business to recover fully from a serious incident? What is the true cost of downtime for your business? Can you recover efficiently and effectively?

With Primo+, you can rest assured that expert help will be by your side, when you need it most.

Primo+ membership is Polygon’s Emergency response service, where Polygon Damage Management experts will be on standby awaiting your call, arriving on site in as little as 4 hours.

We provide you and your business with peace of mind and reassurance that you will receive priority access to our damage management experts in the event of an incident, meaning they will be at your door within hours to assess the damage and to start to mitigate any secondary damage immediately.  

Following fire or water damage, natural disasters or loss of environmentally controlled conditions, an urgent response is vital to minimise the consequential impact of secondary damage and Business Interruption, returning you to a pre-incident condition with minimum delay, protecting your reputation throughout. A full recovery and a return to business as usual is always our priority.

Our teams will work with you to ensure you meet your Business Continuity Planning objectives, providing you with regular updates so that you have all of the information to hand for when you need it.

A call to the Primo+ helpline activates the response. As strategic partners, we will already know about you and your business and what is important to you from the outset; so not a moment is wasted.

Your details will already be logged within our systems, so you will be given priority fast-tracking through to one of our experienced Project Managers. They will then organise the deployment of a Primo+ damage management team, who will arrive at the disaster location ready to complete your damage assessment report and to start the mitigation works required.

Polygon manages thousands of projects a year, for a wide range of customers all over the world.  We respond to incidents and emergencies causing all types of damage caused by:

  • Fire
  • Water
    • Sewage
    • Flooding
    • Burst pipes
  • Explosions
  • Storm damage
  • Mould
  • Sharps removals
  • Bio-Fluids
  • Strip out and disposal

For more information contact

Lisa Hesketh
Business Development Manager
Tel 07484012300

We offer a comprehensive range of restoration and decontamination services for buildings, machinery, electronic equipment, and documents. Our services include structural and property drying, document and specialist contents restoration, and electronic and mechanical decontamination/restoration.

Additionally, we offer solutions for mould remediation, odour control, and corrosion stabilization, as well as temporary climate solutions and reinstatement works. Our expertise also covers confined space and high level access, leak detection, and strip out and disposal services.

How does it work?


Sign Up

On sign up of your Primo+ account you will be given your contract, your personal account number, helpline details and information for your teams so they know who to contact in an emergency.


Pre-Incident Survey

We will arrange a complete survey of your critical building, with full 3D scan and a review of your Business Continuity Plan.



When you call the Primo+ helpline, your details with already be stored with us so we can fast track you to a expert project manager who will arrange to be on site in as little as 4 hours.



The Project Manager will organise the deployment of a Primo+ damage management team, who will arrive at the disaster location ready to complete the damage assessment report and to start the mitigation works required.


Damage Assessment

Your expert team will immediately assess the incident and where necessary will immediately get to work to control any secondary damage.


Regular updates

Receive regular updates from the damage management team to keep you informed of progress and ensure that you meet your Business Continuity Planning objectives.


Post incident consultation

One of our senior team spend time with you review the incident, giving 2 way feedback and discuss how you can avoid anything similar happening in the future.


I already have insurance...

Great! Polygon have long term contracts and relationships with most of the UK’s largest commercial insurers. The chances are, we already work with your insurer and loss adjuster.  Having worked with insurers for the past 60 years, we know all too well the amount of work that goes on in the background when you submit a claim.  Very often, by the time an insurance company or loss adjuster appoints us, your incident is often at least 4 days old.  How would this affect you? Your Business Continuity plans?  What would be the impact on your business?  Your reputation? Does your plan allow for the additional delay?

Primo+ enables us to remove those unavoidable delays, we arrive onsite in as little as 4 hours of your instruction, once we have assessed the damage we will provide you with your damage assessment report, along with videos and 3D scans (at no additional cost) which will give you an indication to whether you will need to instruct your insurer or not.

Also, as part of your insurance policy, all policy holders are responsible for ensuring that the damage does not get any worse, by having Primo+ in place you can potentially minimise the potential cost and lifecycle of a claim should your damage touch your insurance.

What is included within my annual fee?

  • Pre-incident survey of you most critical site
  • 3D scan of your most critical site
  • Review of your Business Continuity Plan
  • Emergency freephone number
  • Personal reference number
  • Disaster recovery experts on standby 24/7/365
  • Emergency response to site in as little as 4 hours
  • Post incident survey of damaged site
  • 3D scan of damaged site (if necessary)
  • Team ready to start mitigation works as soon as we arrive on site
  • Invitations to Primo+ networking and practical workshop days
  • Post incident reviews
  • Dedicated account manager

Do you just come and have a look?

No, the difference with Primo+ is that not only will we attend site to assess the damage, but we will be also attend site with a view of starting mitigation works straight away, which depending on the damage may include:

  • Removal of standing water
  • Managing the environment
  • Salvaging assets, affected and non-affected to safe areas to prevent further damage/cross contamination
  • Protection of machinery and electronics
  • Swab testing for chloride
  • Clearing and removal of debris
  • Emergency power
  • Stabilising the environment to prevent secondary damage such as corrosion and mould growth

Sometimes it can take us a while to obtain a PO number, will this delay the mitigation works?

No, as part of your Primo+ agreement, we will ask for a delegate authority, set by yourselves, purely for this purpose.  It means we can start works without delay.

What if I don’t want you to start work, what if I just want you to assess the damage?

When you call the Primo+ emergency number, you will be asked if you want us to come to site to assess or to assess and start mitigation works straight away.

Can I call you out for smaller incidents? Or does it need to be a major disaster?

Each and every Primo+ client is different, they each have different priorities, and different criticalities.  What may be classed as a serious incident to one client may be business as usual to another.  Primo+ comes with two levels of response.  A Tier 1 and a Tier 2 response:

  • Tier 1 – 4 hours – if the incident is:
    • Having an impact on your business
      • Financially
      • Reputationally
      • Operationally
    • If the answer is yes then this is a Tier 1 response
  • Tier 2 – 8 hours – if the incident is not having an impact on your business but you would like some additional support

The benefit of having both tiers is that you can call us for smaller incidents.

Would I be able to qualify for a discount on my insurance for having Primo+?

It is a possibility, by having Primo+ Polygon technicians would be onsite within hours of the incident, preventing secondary damage, therefore minimising the potential cost and lifecycle of an insurance claim.  If you let us know who your insurance provider is, we can always ask the Polygon account manager to contact them to discuss Primo+ with them.

We are a facilities management provider, would we be able to have Primo+ for our client sites?

Absolutely! When things don’t go according to plan on one of your sites, your client will look at you to solve their problem.  Polygon is not a facilities management company, we are disaster, recovery and restoration experts, which compliments what you provide to your clients, and of course preparing for the worst puts you and your client in control right from the start.

Can I just call you out, without being a member?

Of course, you can, you can call us directly at any time.  However, you will not receive a guaranteed response time, as Primo+ fee paying members must come first.  This is especially at times of surge, or localised incidents, as we will be dealing with our priority clients.

Do we get any type of discount on the services if we call you?

Primo+ is an emergency response service, the rates charged are our standard schedule of rates, so you will not be charged any more for calling us out, either during working hours or out of hours other than our standard rates.

Primo+ clients do receive discounts on Business Continuity Planning works outside of the initial review of your plan.

What if I don’t have a Business Continuity plan?

If you do not have a plan, or it is out of date, or hasn’t been tested for a while, we offer discounted rates for:

  • Writing plans
  • Updating plans
  • Testing plans
  • Embedding/Training of plans

We can also build in a number of days per year to your Primo+ agreement (we recommend a minimum of 3 days per year) to keep your plan up to date, or for running annual testing, or you can use your Business Continuity Planning days for whatever you would like to use them for.

Do you cover sites outside of the UK?

Yes, Polygon is the European market leader in property damage restoration.  Powered by a global network of more than 6,600 employees in 16 countries including USA, Canada and Singapore

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