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Water Damage Restoration
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Preventing Water Damage From Happening

Property damage can be devastating and costly for all parties involved, both in residential and commercial environments. And with water damage, by the time you realise there’s a problem, it is often too late.

Polygon’s mission is to prevent, control and mitigate the effects of water, fire and climate, with the emphasis on prevention becoming increasingly important for the future. Water Damage Prevention not only helps our customers decrease costs and increase end-customer satisfaction, it also supports our drive for greater sustainability. Through early detection, the magnitude of water leaks can be reduced and reconstruction can be avoided, which saves time and cost, and is also a more sustainable solution.


For Insurance Companies

Connected damage-prevention services can improve the experience of customers and enhance profitability for insurers. This technology enables early detection and fast mitigation of leaks while allowing preventive measures to be taken, all of which lowers the frequency of damage and the average cost per claim. Also, a digital first-point-of-loss enables efficient handling of claims and supports improved operational efficiency. Being able to help a customer even before they are aware of a problem delivers beyond their expectations, representing the next level of customer experience for any insurer.


For Commercial Customers

The impact of water damage on a commercial property often goes beyond the direct costs of restoration. For the business affected, unnecessarily long and complicated restoration processes can lead to significant revenue loss and exposure to reputational harm. To avoid this, Polygon offers end-to-end solutions for water damage prevention in commercial properties, tailored for each customer's specific needs. Polygon makes status inspections at the point when the technology is installed to inform a series of preventive recommendations. After installation, sensors can detect potential damages at an early stage, and with 24/7 surveillance, we make it possible for service professionals to be on-site quickly when needed to control the water damage and reduce its impact.

In 2020, Polygon acquired Hiotlabs, whose market-leading solution forms the cornerstone of our Water Damage Prevention offering. Based on the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine Learning, the solution consists of sensors and a software platform that, together, detect and prevent water damage in properties. Polygon can now offer added value to customers through a unique end-to-end solution, combining market-proven technology from Hiotlabs alongside Polygon’s service expertise.

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