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Remote monitoring

Polygon’s Remote Monitoring System (ReMo) provides intelligent monitoring that combines wireless sensor networks and a reporting website. This offers 24/7 monitoring of environmental parameters such as humidity, temperature and wood moisture content. These factors heavily influence the integrity of building systems and critical facilities.

What is remote monitoring?

Recent advances in micro-electronic design have made it possible for Polygon to supply miniature wireless sensors that can be installed during or after construction. Polygon will then continue to monitor the integrity of a building’s structure and the systems that control its environment.

Each remote monitoring system will vary in size, depending on the individual project. Typically there are two sensors, which are sited within floor plates. These are able to measure the temperature, relative humidity and moisture content of the timber.

On top of this, dehumidifiers would also provide live information from their own in-built sensors. Each dehumidifier would display readings in regards to the temperature, relative humidity and power failure.

Sensor readings are transmitted to a Data Acquisition Gateway, which is connected to a dedicated and secure webserver via a Machine to Machine (M2M) router and 3G sim card. The measurement can then be reviewed from the website using a secure password to access the data. Polygon would grant you access to this service and email sensor reading reports on a fortnightly basis.

As you would expect, Polygon provide a bespoke remote monitoring system based on a number of your requirements. Before supply and installation, a team of Polygon’s experts will visit your site to determine what’s necessary. There is even the opportunity to adapt equipment specifically to your needs.

Polygon ensure the integrity and professionalism of this service is never compromised by fully checking equipment before it’s installed. Remember, all equipment is state-of-the-art and you’ll also have access to Polygon’s 24/7 support.

Why choose Polygon remote monitoring?

Polygon is the industry leading solution in remote monitoring and will provide a service specific to your individual needs. However, not only will Polygon ensure your remote monitoring system provides you with valuable information to keep projects on track and to schedule, but offer a number of other solutions to help control the environment. If required, Polygon can also provide equipment to maintain a consistent humidity, dew point and temperature throughout the process.

  • All Polygon equipment is serviced regularly and maintains excellent environmental friendliness.
  • Polygon’s remote monitoring will aid your business needs and provide an invaluable resource.
  • Remote monitoring is live 24/7, so ensure any environmental changes are instantly picked up by the technology.
  • Take advantage of Polygon’s range of technologies to ensure an optimum environment for your business needs.

For more information on our remote monitoring or to discuss the Polygon solution, call today on 0845 600 4306, or email us at

Our water damage restoration services include

  • Claims handling
  • Specialist water services
  • Alarm response
  • Damage assessment
  • Remote video
  • Demolition
  • Drying
  • Mould remediation

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