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Water Damage Restoration
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Flooding and fire not only cause damage to homes and businesses but also motor vehicles. After a flood a significant number of vehicles are subject to total loss; normally if the water has exceeded the height of the lower seat fob. Without an effective solution to restore vehicles back to pre-incident condition, water and smoke damaged vehicles are merely sold as salvage for a fraction of their true market value.

Polygon’s Vehicle Restoration Technical Process uses industry leading restoration technologies to ensure a vehicle’s value is maximised in the most timely and cost effective way. Every vehicle goes through a triage and inspection process to determine the optimum restoration programme.

Flooding can cause the disruption of water purification and sewage disposal systems, causing contamination of flood water. During a water-damaged vehicle project, Polygon works within strict Health and Safety guidelines to clean and restore the vehicle back to pre-incident condition.

All vehicles, whether water or smoke damaged, are fully disassembled. This includes removal of all carpets, upholstery and trim to allow for further assessment and decontamination.

The decontamination processes will vary for different components and the extent of contamination found during disassembly. Each removed part and chassis interior is subjected to Polygon’s process.

Vehicles are placed into a controlled environment consisting of dehumidified and heated areas. This is vital in arresting the deterioration of the vehicle and maintaining safety conditions, assisting in the prevention of metal fatigue and bacteria growth.

After restoration each vehicle receives a thorough quality check and bacteria test. All restored parts are guaranteed to meet and exceed hygiene standards and all restored vehicles are issued with a bacteria certificate and project file, outlining the restoration programme.

Our technical reconditioning services include

Restoration of electronic devices, tools, machines and equipment
Assembly and disassembly
Storage and sales
Construction and development
Delivery and assembly of spare parts

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