Dehumidifiers for Hire

By hiring a dehumidifier from Polygon TCS you will receive our experience and expertise.

Dehumidifier Hire

Polygon TCS provides expert advice on all types of problems relating to excess moisture or controlling specific environmental conditions. We offer our clients custom-designed environmental control solutions for every stage of the production process.


We fully understand the role that dehumidifiers play in controlling humidity, ensuring production and storage climate is optimised; leading to consistently high product quality, improved hygiene and safer working conditions. We stock an array of dehumidifying machines that can be hired for a wide variety of applications on short or long term dehumidifier hire agreements.


By hiring a dehumidifier from Polygon TCS you will also receive our experience and expertise. You can be sure that you are getting industry leading equipment that will be supplied pre-set to work for your individual requirements, from the moment it is plugged in. Whilst also having a designated team to ensure correct installation and optimum operating settings. Thus minimising the downtime and speeding up the process of your project.


Our rental dehumidifiers are easily movable and can be repositioned, ensuring even drying coverage of large rooms and spaces.

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Why us?

Why Polygon?

Not only do we have a deep understanding of heating, drying and measuring construction sites, we work in conjunction with the UK Centre for Construction in Buildings This enables us to deliver a knowledgeable cost effective solution.