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Polygon has long been associated with controlling humidity and temperature, but also available within our range are ventilation/ fan extract units. These range from 1200m3 p/h right up to 20,000 m3 ph. They are robust and easily transported. They have high pressure fans enabling more ducting to be used on certain models. Often used in confined spaces, dust suppression on site and lengthening the delivery of fresh air of greater distances.


Ventilation is required throughout the year to provide a comfortable working environment and ensure business isn’t compromised. In the summer, without adequate ventilation, heat can become trapped inside and create a furnace-like effect. As the temperature rises, a number of projects become at risk of damage. Cold climates bring a completely different problem to poorly ventilated areas. The warmer air inside your home will carry water vapour, which is created from a number of common business practices. This water vapour can cause moisture damage to various materials if insufficiently dealt with.

Condensation can also be a result of inadequate ventilation and will significantly lower the R-Value of insulation. This will essentially create faster heat loss.

The level of ventilation required will be specific to your needs and many factors will come into play determining this. For each project, Polygon provides a bespoke service, dependent on your needs. With a team of experienced professionals, Polygon is able to quickly analyse the ventilation required and meet direct specifications to avoid contamination and comply with your business needs.

All ventilation equipment is fully inspected before it’s delivered to your site. This eliminates the possibility of faulty equipment and maintains Polygon’s high professionalism and integrity values.

Only state-of-the-art ventilation equipment is supplied and full help and support will be provided to ensure smooth running of the technology. Installation can be completed just hours after your initial request and after this, you’ll benefit from 24/7 support.


Why choose Polygon ventilation solutions?

Ventilation remains a fundamental part of environmental control and can have a significant impact on comfort levels and productivity. However, as well as providing an invaluable ventilation service, Polygon will also ensure other environmental aspects are as they should be. This would include humidity, dew point and temperature.

With Polygon, inadequate ventilation and the problems that arise will be a thing of the past.

  • Maintain a positive environmental stance, with eco-friendly equipment provided that will keep your expenses to a minimum

  • Provide a comfortable working environment and ensure productivity levels remain high and on course

  • Eliminate the issues created from poor ventilation, such as condensation, extreme heat and moisture in the air

  • Prevent serious side-effects including mould growth and material damage

  • Take advantage of Polygon’s bespoke service and 24/7 helpline.
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