Hospital grade air purification for the office

Hospital grade air purification for the office

As the UK market leader in temporary climate control, we know the importance of good air quality in any building at any time. Right now, of course, air quality everywhere is of paramount importance.

According to the HSE, the risk of COVID-19 transmission is reduced in well-ventilated buildings, however many buildings suffer from poor or no natural ventilation, relying entirely on AC.

Our novel air purification units are cost effective, portable and critically, remove 99.97% of airborne bacteria and viruses, helping you protect your environment and your staff.

The units feature a superior processing capacity of 600M³/hr (+/- 10%) with the integral particle counter automatically adjusting airflow based on the ambient air quality. Each unit is fitted with a high-quality pre-filter, HEPA 13 filter, activated carbon filter and a UVC light which combine to deliver 99.97% removal of airborne bacteria and viruses.



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Not only do we have a deep understanding of heating, drying and measuring construction sites, we work in conjunction with the UK Centre for Construction in Buildings This enables us to deliver a knowledgeable cost effective solution.