ExactAire for Construction

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ExactAire for Construction

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Gain the certainty and confidence that comes from a continuous and precise view of your on-site indoor air quality.

Monitoring and controlling indoor air quality is vital to the construction industry’s continuous drive toward health and safety, and sustainability. With Polygon’s industry-leading ExactAire® system, you can access a comprehensive and precise view of your conditions on site, at your fingertips and around the clock.

Whether you’re interested in monitoring heat and humidity, dust and noise levels, or a range of other potential hazards to people and property, Polygon ExactAire is easy-to-install, quick-to-access and fully customisable to your needs. 

By providing you with real-time data and alerts to potential hazards, ExactAire helps you to preserve equipment and materials, mitigate unexpected costs and delivery delays, and most importantly, protect on-site workers from airborne fumes, dust and mold.


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Precise Sensors

Highly sensitive ExactAire sensors are installed in key locations across your construction site.

Constant Monitoring

The sensors constantly monitor a range of air quality and climate conditions, including dust, noise, humidity, CO2, and other toxic gasses, depending on your needs.

Remote Updates

User dashboards are updated in real time, giving you insights into air quality trends and documentation for use in communication and reporting.

Traffic Light Alert System

Colour coded hazard ratings alert you to air quality hazards in terms of their risk to human health, enabling rapid decision-making and actionable risk mitigation.

ExactAire can monitor levels of:

Toxic gases


Noise and vibration


Relative Humidity

Dust, including silica and wood

Benefits for Construction Site Managers

More time, better spent: The Polygon ExactAire sensors collect and transmit data in real-time to user dashboards or equipment, which saves valuable time otherwise spent on manual readings with handheld devices.

More data, better documentation:  Handheld devices provide readings at a single point in time, but Polygon ExactAire monitors air quality continuously.

Better quality, less downtime: Polygon ExactAire allows you to catch potentially damaging indoor climate issues early, thereby avoiding costly repair and equipment downtime. 

Benefits for Health and Safety professionals

Peace of mind: ExactAire provides continuous, highly precise sensor readings to ensure the quality of air for site workers. This enables proactive measures to reduce health risks such as lung disease and hearing loss by monitoring dust, noise, and other potential hazards.

A less stressful site environment: By collecting and transmitting real-time data to user dashboards or equipment, ExactAire eliminates the need for time-consuming manual air quality readings with handheld devices, freeing up personnel from hours of repetitive tasks.

Proactive communication: ExactAire provides real-time data for trend analysis and air quality documentation, helping inform and educate individuals on site for better health and safety management. 

Benefits for ESG and Sustainability professionals

Energy efficiency: Polygon ExactAire monitors heat and humidity levels in the air to mitigate the effects of indoor climate on materials and equipment, while also optimising energy efficiency by tracking the performance of heat, humidity, and cooling equipment. 

Waste prevention: ExactAire's 24/7 remote alert system prevents material damage, reducing waste, costs, and program delays caused by changing indoor climate conditions. 

Noise control: Polygon ExactAire monitors noise and vibration, sending real-time alerts when levels are harmful.

Ease of reporting: Continuous data offers the opportunity for trend analysis, facilitates on-site communication, and feeds easily into ESG reporting and documentation.