It is vital to control climate for a number of reasons, including the storage of medication and goods to prevent destruction, and the preservation of sensitive equipment.

Temporary Climate Control Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Polygon TCS recognise this importance and specialise in creating optimum environments to meet high manufacturing standards, a must for pharmaceutical companies who need to comply to strict product quality regulations and good manufacturing practice (GMP).

It is well-known that the relative humidity (RH) can cause difficulties during manufacturing, transportation and storage. Since weather and climatic conditions during manufacture and drying vary, the slightest change in humidity can have an impact on both the quality and drying times of the product and Polygon TCS has the

Dry air plays an important role during product development within the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. The control of moisture in the air, by dehumidification, ensures that essential processes are carried out with certainty and confidence.

Benefits of using a dehumidification system

There are many benefits of using a dehumidification system within a pharmaceutical environment, including the prevention of –

  •  Agglomeration and sticking of particles.
  • Moisture regain
  • Inconsistent moisture content of tablets
  • Disfigured and crumbling tablets which clog machinery
  • Production shutdown with the need for necessary maintenance

Why Rent Temporary Climate Control Equipment From Polygon?

Polygon TCS has a large array of equipment that can be hired on long or short term agreements to assist in creating the perfect operating environment. With a rented machine from Polygon you are covered every step of the way

  • No capital expenditure outlay
  • The need for maintenance and service contracts is eliminated
  •  Ensuring continuous product drying during high ambient conditions
  • Nationwide breakdown cover 24/7
  • Low cost/non invasive solution ideal for product trials

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Why us?

Why Polygon?

Not only do we have a deep understanding of heating, drying and measuring construction sites, we work in conjunction with the UK Centre for Construction in Buildings This enables us to deliver a knowledgeable cost effective solution.