Our key resource

Polygon’s key resources are people, knowledge and technology – in that order. Our people always come first. The dedication and knowledge of our employees are crucial to our success, and we do everything to make their job easier. This is ensured by our simple organisation and flat structure, with clear accountability. Our focus is always on the customer. All according to the Polygon Model.

A diverse workforce

Polygon has 7,000 employees in 16 countries. Our business is diverse and so are our employees. Many come from the construction, real estate or plumbing industries. Some colleagues have academic degrees, while the vast majority are experienced practical technicians. Due to the nature of some of our jobs and tasks, we can offer employment opportunities to people without formal education. We make certain that our employees get the proper training, knowledge and tools to perform their job.

Attitude is key

We value experience and skills but, in the end, it is people with the right attitude who make a difference. Each day, we meet thousands of people whose properties have been damaged. Their lives have been severely disrupted, and we need to demonstrate genuine understanding of their situation. This is crucial, especially since we, in most cases, work in people’s homes and in direct contact with them. Each and every Polygon employee knows that we have to reassure our customers that their property will be restored in the best possible way and in the shortest time possible. Then we work to deliver on that promise. We have an instinct to help, and we take responsibility. We are able to make quick decisions to benefit our customers. This attitude is key to the success of our company.

Our mission is to help

We structure our operations in such a way that our employees get the necessary support to help customers in the best and fastest way. Our organisation is simple and our structure is flat; it has been reduced from seven to only four layers in the past few years. The idea is clear: to be effective, our field specialists must be empowered to act independently when interacting with customers. We make sure that everyone has the right competence, information and tools to take decisions when needed, which is usually right away. In fact, this is something we track – in our most recent employee survey 92 percent said they feel empowered to make decisions when needed. Also, having the freedom to organise and control your own work decreases stress and increases motivation. Polygon’s flat structure also creates a sense of family. Our warm atmosphere makes people feel like they areamong friends, which makes it easier to perform their job.

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