News and Press releases

Polygon expands its geographical presence in Finland


Polygon in Finland has signed an agreement to acquire Saneeraustekniikka Sartek Oy (“Sartek”) in the Northern part of Finland. Sartek is a property damage restoration company with specialties within Water damage restoration, Indoor air Quality, Reconditioning and Asbestos.

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Polygon is spreading Christmas cheer around the world


With Christmas only a few days away, many people will be preparing to celebrate the holidays with their loved ones, enjoying good food, warmth, and love. But there are many more people in the world for who will struggle to find joy in the season. At Polygon, we have been playing our part to help some of the most vulnerable people in communities around the world.

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Polygon Finland strengthens its position in Major & Complex Claims


Polygon Finland has joined forces with Danotec Oy and Tehokuivaus Oy to establish a Major & Complex Claims team focusing on large property damages. All three companies belong to the Polygon Group and this collaboration will strengthen both human and physical equipment resources when handling large claims.

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Partnership between Plastic Surgeon and Zurich UK helps the planet


Zurich Insurance Group, a global leader in property, casualty, and life insurance products, discusses their partnership with the Polygon-owned business, Plastic Surgeon. The global leader is working towards becoming one of the most responsible and impactful businesses in the world. Plastic Surgeon’s sustainable damage management approach is helping Zurich to achieve this environmental agenda by restoring instead of replacing damaged items, reducing its impact on the environment.

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Polygon US saves community’s irreplaceable artifacts following Hurricane Ida


As a result of Hurricane Ida this fall, the Central Chabad Library in Brooklyn, New York, experienced severe water damage. The lower level of the library flooded, causing damage to approximately 5,000 seforim and books. The quick action and skills of the Polygon US team ensured that the affected artifacts could be restored.

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