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Restore instead of demolition when snow load is fatal


After a heavy snowfall, parts of a production hall of an automotive supplier in Lower Saxony, Northwest Germany, collapsed. The entire roof structure was extremely unstable and threatened to fall on the production machines. To avert the disaster, the affected company’s insurance company called upon POLYGONVATRO.

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Harwell Restoration saves 6,500 smoke-affected books


Polygon’s subsidiary Harwell Restoration, Europe’s leading document and specialist contents restorer, was contacted by a university in England regarding a fire in an adjacent room of their university library. As a result of the fire, several books were damaged by the smoke.

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Polygon hosts top-class workshop at company Inspiration Day


Employees of independent agency, TOP Expertise, have attended a Polygon-hosted workshop as part of a TOP Expertise company Inspiration Day. The workshop was held in the Stadium Feijenoord, in De Kuip, Rotterdam. Polygon utilised one of its special leak detection demo vehicles to provide TOP employees with an immersive experience into its non-destructive leak detection techniques.

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Historic building wins ROT Prize 2021


An old coal building named Gasverket Hus 8 in Stockholm, Sweden, has undergone extensive renovation, and as a result, it has been awarded the prestigious ROT Prize. Polygon | AK has been responsible for the strategic environmental management coordination on behalf of CA Fastigheter.

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Multiple awards bolster POLYGONVATRO’s corporate philosophy


At the end of 2020, POLYGONVATRO was named ‘Service Champions’ and has now been recognised as a top national employer.

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