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Polygon intervenes in hurricane - hit Guadeloupe


In mid-September 2022, the tropical storm Fiona had her sights set on the northern Caribbean islands, with the French territory of Guadeloupe directly in her path. As disaster struck, the area experienced heavy rainfall and vigorous winds. Following the events, our Polygon France team intervened in Guadeloupe to help.

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Facing challenges at an altitude


An idyllic log cabin with several small surrounding buildings is beautifully situated on a mountain top in Jämtland, Sweden, close to the Norwegian border. Polygon is called there to clean the buildings, both internally and externally, in order to get rid of a mould infestation. Considering how the cabin is situated in a hard-to-reach location, with uncertain weather conditions and uncertain access to materials and tools, it is evident that this could be a challenge. However, the Swedish Polygon team sees it as an exciting project and happily accepts the challenge. We are Always By Your Side, no matter the location.

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The risk of moisture damage at winter temperatures


With the electrical prices skyrocketing, the need to cut expenses this winter is higher than ever. A common way to save a few is to completely turn off the heat and electricity in summerhouses and other rarely visited properties. However, there is a great risk that moisture damage, mould growth and frost damage will occur, and the consequences can be very costly. With extensive experience in Temporary Climate Control, Polygon helps you manage the challenge.

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Climate solutions - a valuable temporary fix


The hydrotherapy facility in the Stranraer Academy serves an important purpose in the education of children with Severe and Complex Learning Difficulties. However, due to condensation and a failing air conditioning system, the facility had to be closed to prevent substantial water damage. Luckily, the Polygon UK team was able to provide a quick fix, so that the facility could remain usable until further repair can take place.

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Polygon owned SMD awarded “Employer of the Future”


Innovative, sustainable and modern: three words describing SMD, a Polygon owned company, that recently was awarded "Employer of the Future" by the German Innovation Institute for Sustainability and Digitization.

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