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Net Zero Action Day – The environmental work at Polygon


We are over 6 500 colleagues working across 16 countries in collaboration with our customers and suppliers in achieving climate goals.

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Innovation versus mould infestation - there can be only one winner!


Meet the JATI PAD – an innovative new product for temporarily combating visible mould damage. Polygon Germany and JATI, a company specialising in mould damage, developed this unique product. It works as an emergency plaster that contains and covers active mould infestations.

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Polygon carries out complete Italian job for fire-hit food and drink business


Although situated just outside Newcastle in the northeast of England, Italica is a business with its roots firmly in Italy - as the company’s name suggests. It is from Italy that the company sources the wide range of authentic, quality products that it imports on behalf of its customer base, from pasta and cheeses to speciality meats, wines and liqueurs. In November 2021, the company’s operations were dramatically impacted when a fire ripped through the ground and first-floor of their office building.

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From the crypt to the spire: Restoring religious buildings


Churches are more than simply buildings. They are sacred beacons, standing tall as a place for people to come together at the important stages of life. They are rich with history, memories and life. As such, they are deserving of protection from harsh environmental elements and the wearing effects of time – a protection that Polygon happily provides.

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Restoring a building at the heart of a community


When any building is hit by a large fire, that completely incinerates the roof, and devastates the structure, there is understandably an impact on the inhabitants. In this one case, however, the fact that the building formed part of the town hall premises meant the damage affected the entire local community in the small south French village. With expert help from the Polygon owned company, Global Sinistres, the building could be supported during the long process of restoration.

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