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Always By Your Side – New Year's fire emergency


When our team in Polygon Denmark arrived at the scene of a major roof fire in a residential building, they knew that it would be an “all-nighter-effort”. Despite it being New Year’s Eve, they instantly got started on the urgent issues with initial damage control, as firefighters were still gaining control of the blaze. The project resulted in a 20–24-hour long effort. Here, we speak to Michael, a Polygon project leader, to find out more.

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One Technician's Journey Across Borders with Polygon


At Polygon, we believe in providing our employees with endless opportunities to grow and develop as professionals. One of our own, Lex Mens, a technician on our Leak Detection team, recently took advantage of this opportunity by moving from the Netherlands to the United Kingdom to be closer to his family. Thanks to the flexibility at Polygon, Lex was able to keep his job and make the move while still working with the company. He is now happily settled in his new team in the UK and has had a smooth transition.

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Technical reconditioning in vandalised electrical cabinet


Due to vandalisation in the boiler room of a building in France, an electrical cabinet sustained damage. The damage occurred when extinguishing a fire, and powder from the extinguisher contaminated the cabinet. Polygon France was assigned to handle the technical reconditioning of the cabinet. With Polygon’s extensive experience and knowledge within the field, the job was solved efficiently.

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Leak detection in Christmas times


When a water pipe burst in a residential home in the Netherlands, just a couple of days before Christmas, substantial water damages were apparent. Identifying the leak was the first urgent step, because unfortunately, water damages do not go on holiday during Christmas, and this situation required immediate action. Luckily, Polygon Netherlands stepped in, to make sure the residents had a functional home in time for the holidays.

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Moisture inspection to eliminate future water damage


In Vaxholm, an island in the Stockholm archipelago in Sweden, a housing society is considering replacing the roofs of their buildings. However, they are not sure about the condition of their attics and whether anything needs to be repaired before making this investment. Polygon Sweden steps in to help the customer with this question by conducting a status inspection of all 114 attics in the association.

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