People First

At Polygon, people always come first. Our key resources are people, knowledge and technology – in that order. We believe that if our employees are engaged, they will perform well and then also generate satisfied customers. This is the foundation of our business philosophy – the Polygon Model – and a very central part of the “Our Responsibility” programme.

Decentralised Organisation

Polygon has a decentralised organisation and a flat structure, with clear accountabilities. Having the freedom to organise and control your own work decreases stress and increases motivation. Our idea is clear: to be effective, our employees must be encouraged and empowered to act independently when interacting with customers. Therefore, we make sure that everyone has the right competence, information and tools to make the right decisions without delay. We track this via the employee survey every year.

Engaged Employees

Being an attractive employer is essential, and Polygon conducts a Group-wide employee survey every year. This presents an opportunity for our people to express their views, wishes and concerns. All employees in all countries are invited to participate.

Efficient Internal Training with PolyPro

PolyPro is the Group’s learning management system, which provides employees with the right training and competence in a cost-effective and time-efficient way. It combines locally and centrally geared training programmes, and both e-learning courses and face-to-face training, to empower employees in their own learning and development. PolyPro includes all education and training, with an emphasis on short learning blocks and e-learnings in local languages. 

Strategic Talent Management with the Polygon Academy

With PolyPro – the Group’s learning management system – Polygon provides employees with the right training and competence in a cost-effective and time-efficient way.

The Polygon Academy is our internal development programme for leaders. The capabilities of Polygon’s leaders are key to keeping and developing the competence of our employees, and ultimately to the company’s results and success. Therefore, we strive to recruit internally as much as possible. Several of today’s area managers and unit managers began their Polygon careers as technicians or team leaders.

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