People First

At Polygon, people always come first. Our key resources are people, knowledge and technology – in that order. We believe that if our employees are engaged, they will perform well and then also generate satisfied customers. This is the foundation of our business philosophy – the Polygon Model – and a very central part of the “Our Responsibility” programme.

A Diverse Workforce

Polygon has over 8,000 employees in 18 countries. Our business is diverse and so are our employees. Many come from the construction, real estate or plumbing industries. Some colleagues have academic degrees, while the vast majority are experienced practical technicians. Regardless of background, everyone in Polygon should feel respected and included – that is a cornerstone of our corporate culture and consistent with our corporate values of integrity, excellence and empathy.

Attitude is Key

Experience and skills are important but, in the end, it is people with the right attitude who make the difference. We often meet people whose lives have been severely disrupted, and a Polygon employee always needs to demonstrate genuine understanding of their situation. This is crucial, especially since we, in most cases, work in people’s homes and in direct contact with them. We make certain that our employees get the proper training, knowledge and tools to perform their job. Once people are on board, we bring them up to speed and train them.

Focus on Health and Safety

We apply a structured approach to minimise risks and protect employees and other workers from injuries and accidents. Particularly relevant to our business are personal protective equipment, clothing, and air filtration to avoid exposure to harmful substances. We also prevent the spread of microbes and particles to the outside environment.

We continuously monitor sick leave and work-related injuries in each country. In addition, lost time injuries and the sick leave rate are monitored quarterly by Group Business Control.