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3 Moments When You Need a Commercial Dehumidifier Rental

When left alone, excess moisture has the potential to lead to project delays, health hazards and structural damage to a building. The simple answer to eliminating excess moisture is a commercial dehumidifier rental. Purchasing commercial-grade dehumidification equipment, however, is a large investment that may not make economical sense. A more attractive option that many businesses choose is a dehumidifier rental because a rental may offer more benefits than an outright purchase.

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Benefits of a Commercial Dehumidifier Rental

  • No capital investments.
  • Avoid costs associated with warranties, insurance, maintenance and repairs.
  • Gain access to the expertise of professionals who provide you with the right type of dehumidifier for the space and application.
  • You do not have the burden of maintaining, repairing and selling the equipment.
  • Utilize the most modern dehumidification equipment.

Situations that Require a Commercial Dehumidifier Rental

1. After Experiencing Water Damage

Whether your property experienced flooding due to a natural disaster or a burst pipe, it’s crucial to dry the property as quickly as possible because it takes as little as 48 hours for mold growth to begin. The best and fastest way to dry out property is with a dehumidifier because it removes moisture embedded in areas such as flooring or walls. A dehumidifier also allows you to keep the windows closed, which is ideal during cold winter weather or when outside relative humidity levels are high.

A commercial dehumidifier can bring relative humidity levels in a space down to 20 percent. The resulting dry air wicks moisture out of wet items. This method is faster and more effective than using fans, and is more efficient than cycling between hot and cold air using an HVAC system. When you experience water damage, a commercial dehumidifier rental reduces the risk of mold and bacterial growth better than alternative methods.

2. Surface Coating and Preparation

High relative humidity levels in an area in which you plan to apply a protective coating to a surface leads to delays, corrosion and coating failures. Whether you’re preparing a ship for a protective coating or plan to paint a room, a commercial dehumidifier rental creates the ideal environment as you prepare the respective surface and apply the coating, and allows the coating to cure properly. A dry environment also keeps workers healthier, more comfortable and more productive, keeping a project on budget and on schedule.

3. Creating the Ideal Environment

Seasonal changes can sometimes cause humidity to increase in commercial facilites, affecting the health of workers, the structure, and overall sanitary conditions. When traditional building systems do not assist in maintaining product quality, artifact preservation, or healthful indoor air quality, companies across several industries rent dehumidifiers to improve it. Examples of such industries include:

  • Pharmaceutical laboratories
  • Food manufacturing and storage facilities
  • Libraries
  • Museums
  • Health care facilities
  • Restaurants

A commercial dehumidifier rental is a fast, economical solution to eliminating excess moisture in a space. When you work with Polygon, a representative learns about your needs and pairs you with a custom, energy-saving solution that incorporates the latest dehumidification technologies. To learn more about using a dehumidifier for your application, contact Polygon to set up a complimentary consultation.

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