Podcast: Job Talk with Polygon's North Team

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Host of Ideal Conditions, Tyler Kern, spoke with Business Unit Manager, John C. Pfeffer, and Business Development Specialist, JT Gunter, on four interesting — yet uniquely challenging — projects that exemplify their expertise in climate control and problem solving, and how they utilize data to keep customers competitive in today’s world.


Podcast: Indoor Air Quality Awaking: Why now, who owns it, how to get it

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On this episode of Ideal Conditions, a Polygon Podcast, host Daniel Litwin, the voice of B2B, is joined by Garret Freeman, National Sales Manager at Polygon they discuss newfound focus on Indoor Air Quality in wake of the pandemic, starting with both the short and long-term effects of spending too much time inside on an individual's health and productivity. They then shift into how this directly intersects with the workloads and strategies of facilities managers.


How Polygon is helping medical manufacturers during the COVID-19 Pandemic

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While most industries have undergone drastic changes over the course of the last year amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, none has been impacted more than the medical industry. Doctors, nurses, and hospital staff have dealt with more patients than ever before. And outside of hospitals, biomedical manufacturers have had to make an unprecedented number of tests and other equipment to keep people safe and combat the spread of this virus.


CDC Releases Guidance for Safely Reopening Buildings

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Earlier this summer, the CDC released guidance for reopening buildings that have spent a considerable portion of this year completely shut down or under reduced operation. As we approach the end of summer, Polygon would like to highlight some key elements from the document as schools and other buildings think about bringing employees and students back into buildings that may have been empty for months.