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Debunking Top Document Recovery Myths

Polygon’s own director of field services contributed an enlightening piece to Claims magazine, titled “Damaged Document Recovery.” This informative piece aimed to separate truth from fiction as far as document restoration is concerned.

Here are a few of the myths Joe debunked in his article:

Myth: Documents must be shipped off to a processing center in order to be restored.

Truth: A handful of restoration companies do offer mobile services, but this is often the more expensive option. One way to offset the difficulty of shipping off your documents is to choose a firm that offers continual access to documents, often through document scanning.

Myth: Document restoration is easy to do yourself – just find a sunny spot and spread the documents out to dry in fresh circulating air.

Truth: Drying out documents is a complex job, and experimenting with your company’s most important documents is not wise. Furthermore, drying out documents and damaged books inside a building that’s being dehumidified (as is often done following a storm) will throw off saturation and wicking. Oftentimes, DIY drying attempts result in a stack of papers that are dry on the edges and still wet (and now stuck together) at their core. It is best to entrust the restoration of water damaged documents to professionals.

Myth: Vacuum-freeze drying is hands-down the best way to reclaim water damaged documents.

Truth: Each document restoration situation is unique and demands its own approach. For instance, clay-coated paper requires vacuum-freeze drying to avert adhesion and warping. On the other hand, if a client doesn’t mind a few wrinkles, it may make more sense to opt for a desiccant drying chamber, which allows the restoration of thousands of documents at once while still allowing for continual access. A first-rate restoration company will have the expertise required to advise clients on the best technology for their needs.

[ Photo by: gre.ceres, via CC License ]

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