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Response to Hurricane Florence Continues

The recovery efforts from Hurricane Florence continue in North and South Carolina, and Polygon continues to manage our equipment and emergency response efforts. We are responding to drying equipment requests and providing outstanding service to customers. We’re not done yet.

The recovery and drying process is just beginning in the Carolinas. Polygon has responded to Hurricane Florence and has mobilized several truckloads of equipment to North and South Carolina.  Dehumidifiers and small rental equipment have been shipped in, along with team members and supplies. These efforts will continue for days and weeks, with equipment moving into other areas and crew members working with restoration teams and companies affected by the storm. 

Managing Demand for Equipment 

Given the size of Hurricane Florence, the amount of rain, and the subsequent flooding taking place, the demand for equipment continues to unfold. Polygon is managing calls (and expectations) and doing our best to supply dehumidifiers and drying equipment to our valued customers. All staff at Polygon are at the ready to assist in any way possible during events such as this, and not just for drying equipment. 

Don’t forget Documents

It may not be discovered until later but wet documents are another commonly damaged piece of property as a result of hurricanes.  Books, legal documents, medical records and other valuable files can be discovered wet and facing destruction from water.  Polygon is a leading document restoration firm in North America and can help save wet documents.  Don’t discard or give up on these items.

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or would like to know more about any of the following services:

  • Emergency Drying Equipment
  • Temporary Climate Control
  • Air Scrubber / Negative Air Machines
  • Document Drying & Recovery Services

To contact a Polygon Representative for more information, please follow this link.

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