Temporary Climate Solutions

Polygon partner with Surrey Cricket Club for a second consecutive year

Surrey County Cricket Club have partnered with Polygon for a second consecutive year to help deliver a state of the art pre-season programme.

Temporary Climate Solutions

Polygon keeps construction project on schedule

A construction company building a new school in London was having issues drying screed and walls to the optimum level. Contractors must be certain that the walls and floors in any new construction have been dried properly; failure to do this could mean that in time flooring may lift and mould could develop. Ultimately this could require the contractor to revisit the job to do remedial work; costing them and the client time, money and loss of reputation.

Temporary Climate Solutions

Long term lay-ups of ships

The shipping industry often requires ships be laid-up or mothballed while awaiting sale, repair or disposal. These massive vessels are impractical to anchor at the docks, so these ships are usually laid-up in open waters.

Temporary Climate Solutions

Blasting and coating oil tanks during winter months

Our customer had been contracted to prep the surfaces and to apply a coating liner system on the interior sections of two newly constructed giant crude oil storage tankers. Each tank was 225 feet in diameter and 62 feet high with a floating roof. The assignment was to abrasive blast the inside surfaces of the steel tanks, clean out the abrasive, prepare a clean, dry surface for coating and spray the coatings on the floors and walls to a height of two feet above the floors with an epoxy coating. The two-foot height for coating the walls was specified to protect the surface against water that accumulates in the tank and can rise to that level below oil stored in the tanks.

Temporary Climate Solutions

Drying wooden floors

While textile floor coverings are still the product of choice in the majority of commercial applications, there has been an increase in the number of residential properties that are now installing traditional or panelled timber floors. These are all susceptible to moisture damage.

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