Flooding & Water Damage

Flooding and Water Damage - Our Top Tips

We know that suffering water damage to your home can be devastating and extremely distressing.

A fast response plays a crucial role in minimising damage and losses caused by water. If you’ve experienced flooding or water damage in your home, here are some of our top tips to prevent further damage:

  • Remove any standing water
  • Remove materials and/or contents that are beyond restoration, but don’t throw them away until your insurer has made a note of them.
  • Remove and keep separate, any items that can be restored
  • Turn off any electrical equipment/plug sockets where possible, or turn off the mains - but don’t take any risks with electrics – don’t touch electrics if you or they are wet.
  • Clean as much of the affected area as you can, to prevent mould and bacteria growth
  • Tell your insurer about your situation and give as much detail as you can

 As a trusted partner of many of the UK’s biggest insurers, we’ve dealt with thousands of flooded homes.  Our people are well experienced, trained and equipped to get you back on your feet as soon as possible and to guide you through the process.  

We operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, all of our staff are directly employed and trained to use the most modern equipment and techniques.

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