CEO Statement

Axel Gränitz, CEO Statement

At Polygon, we deeply believe that empowered employees deliver results, and it is only thanks to our dedicated and knowledgeable staff that we can continue along our chosen path towards market leadership and sustainable long-term growth.

Every day, I experience our people – from technicians and consultants to project leaders and support staff – executing customer assignments with great integrity, excellence and empathy.

Polygon’s success is built on the efforts of our people. It is reliant on their competence, their engagement and their ability to understand our customers’ needs. I have great respect for this, and that is why our corporate culture and our Group-wide business philosophy, The Polygon Model, are highly valued assets.

It is in our DNA and part of our business model to restore rather than replace damaged property and to furthermore work with preventive services together with our customers and suppliers. The fact that we do this, and the way we do it, saves resources and limits environmental impact. Being environmentally friendly is a way for us to differentiate ourselves.

We are building a European platform for long-term growth through strategic acquisitions that position us as one of the largest property damage control company in each market where we are present. We have a well-established integration methodology that entails new subsidiaries quickly becoming a part of our community. Our market is slowly consolidating, and for Polygon there are many possibilities left to grasp. We focus on companies that share our core values and have a strategic and cultural fit.

We work hard to advance our industry and bring further professionalism and better services to the customers. As a large international player in a fragmented market, we have unmatched possibilities to do so. We are a dedicated team, working together – with each other and with our customers – to develop best practices, to establish common tools and methods, and to utilise the power of digitalisation.  These solutions reduce unwanted CO2 emissions, save time and money, and help us grow our business.

We have our house in good order after spending a lot of effort to secure quality and consistency. Further on, our focus is to accelerate profit growth through additional strategic acquisitions, driving organic growth in both residential and commercial segments and continuing to improve efficiency using our group strength. Our efforts are beginning to pay off, and we see many opportunities and a bright future ahead.

Axel Gränitz, CEO Statement