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SPARK: The tool that distinguishes us from our competitors


In situations that are often stressful, the SPARK portal gives reassurance. SPARK was developed in close cooperation between Polygon, our digital provider, Evry, and the customer HSB.

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10,000 ton reduction of CO2 through Polygon’s WDR services last year


During spring, Polygon Group collaborated closely with two MSc students at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, in order to quantify how much CO2 we save through our WDR services. The purpose of this collaboration has been to push our focus on sustainability even further, something that is becoming increasingly important to both our customers and employees. The first estimates indicate that Polygon annually saves around 10 000 tons of CO2. The main reason is our ability to dry damaged material instead of destruction and replacement. The amount of CO2 that we save is equivalent to more than 14 000 round trips between London and New York.

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Polygon wins Triton Environmental and Governance awards!


Polygon has been awarded two of Tritons Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) awards despite stiff competition from Triton’s other portfolio companies. These awards emphasise the company´s increased environmental activities, and confirms our commitment to ensuring compliance as we engage with the governance agenda.

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Working with Polygon ́s Climate Control Services in Tripla - The Construction Site of the Year


YIT's multi-billion-class construction project Tripla is located in Pasila, in Helsinki. This modern mega-project has been investing in modern operating methods and earned the prestigious award, “The Construction Site of the Year 2018”. Polygon's climate control services support the quality of the construction project.

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