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Complicated project behind an ancient façade


In November 2017, a devastating fire broke out in a property on Biblioteksgatan in central Stockholm, Sweden. The interior of a historic property was completely destroyed, while thankfully the stone façade, inspired by medieval architecture, remained. Work has now begun to build a new property inside the unique 120-year-old façade. The property owner, Hufvudstaden, has hired Polygon Sweden as the environmental coordinator and an advisor in moisture safety in this significant and spectacular project.

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Young Talent within Polygon: Daphne Mooiman


We at Polygon value our employees highly and recognise when exceptional work has been done. Daphne Mooiman, an up incoming talent in Polygon Netherlands, has climbed the ladder from Administrative Assistant to Project Manager, in just around a year’s time. With a strong sense of our brand promise of being Always by Your Side, the professional potential in our business is substantial.

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Polygon expands in Italy with the acquisition of All Consulting Service


Polygon has acquired 100% of All Consulting Service in Italy from its parent company All Consulting Group. All Consulting Services is specialized on small/mid-sized claims business, primarily in the residential housing area for leading insurance partners. With this acquisition, Polygon continues its strategic plan of growth and full range service offer in Italy. For Polygon Group this represents an attractive add-on for their customers in Italy, after the acquisition of Recotech in 2020.

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Large-scale leak detection with Maija Leinonen


Polygon has helped with leak detection work inside of a containing tank, used in a Finnish factory. When the factory suspected that something wasn’t right with this huge 4000 square cubic meter tank, containing liquid used in the production process, the factory sprang into action and immediately assigned Polygon to combat the issue. Here, we speak to Maija Leinonen, a Polygon field worker, to find out more.

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Polygon intervenes in hurricane - hit Guadeloupe


In mid-September 2022, the tropical storm Fiona had her sights set on the northern Caribbean islands, with the French territory of Guadeloupe directly in her path. As disaster struck, the area experienced heavy rainfall and vigorous winds. Following the events, our Polygon France team intervened in Guadeloupe to help.

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