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Polygon at work: An unusual customer


Polygon Denmark step in to help clean up a zoo after a fire breaks out. Not only did the Denmark team do a great job, but they also got the opportunity to witness a giraffe giving birth to its calf.

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Document Restoration – Five frequently asked questions.


Document damage can happen at any time, and there are many causes, including flooding, leaks, weather events, or the aftermath of a fire. When disaster strikes, many believe damaged documents are irrecoverable and accept losing important, valuable, and sentimental books and papers. However, efforts can be made to recover them!

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Back on track – climate control at Calton Road Rail Bridge


Polygon UK provides a climate control solution to support the renovation of the Calton Road Rail Bridge and ensure it can withstand the elements.

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Cool under pressure: Polygon keeps ice rink cool for curling championships


Polygon UK has helped solve a unique climate-control challenge for an ice rink hosting an international curling tournament.

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How to prevent water and moisture damage from happening


Most water damage could be avoided with effective preventive measures. Here, we offer some simple tips to help prevent water damage from happening in your home, which will save you both time and money.

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