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Rising from the ashes with Polygon


A fire can start instantly and continue to rage until its fuel source is depleted, destroying homes and properties, causing injuries, and taking lives. A fire can leave families, businesses and people with destroyed homes or buildings. Restoring a building or items after a fire is complex and requires experience, specific equipment, and a competent team of specialists – Polygon has all three in abundance.

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Meet Emma Dadson, finalist in the Women in Insurance Awards 2022


Earlier in the summer of 2022, four women from Polygon UK were announced finalists in the prestigious Women in Insurance Awards 2022. The award works to highlight and celebrate women across all levels and sectors in the insurance industry.

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Polygon owned Hiotlabs featured in Channel Asia


Hiotlabs featured in Channel Asia documentary segment regarding students at National University of Singapore, a world-renowned leading institution of higher education, doing their internship at entrepreneurial hotspots.

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Polygon restores façade tarnished by a fire


Due to a fire on the third floor, the decorative façade of this building in Grenoble, France, was tarnished by smoke damage. The Polygon France team was assigned to decontaminate the affected building as well as the ground level parking lot that also had been impacted by the fire.

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Polygon supplies temporary climate solutions to the Royal Library of the Netherlands


The Royal Library of the Netherlands, KB, founded in 1798, has a vast collection of publications, including books, magazines, maps and newspapers, concerning the Netherlands since the 15th century. This valuable cultural heritage of the Netherlands is preserved under precisely the right climate conditions. To maintain these conditions during major maintenance, Polygon was asked to supply temporary cooling to continue to condition the archive warehouse seamlessly.

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