Our Responsibility

Responsible business with a long-term perspective

Sustainability is a natural part of Polygon’s core business. We restore damaged buildings as resource efficiently as possible and help our customers to prevent damage from happening in the first place. Sustainability is also an essential factor for our customers, employees and other key stakeholders that brings about great opportunities and challenges for Polygon that we manage through our sustainability framework – Our responsibility.

Our Responsibility Programme

Polygon’s Our Responsibility programme aims at providing guidelines for us as a company to minimise risks, to safeguard our values and to act sustainably, responsibly and with respect for our customers, employees and society in general. The programme also goes hand in hand with our business model, the Polygon Model.

The Programme consists of three areas


Restoration is our core business, which involves bringing damaged property back into use as efficiently as possible. We also work together with customers to prevent damage from occurring in the first place. In this way, we limit the use of new materials and equipment, and reduce waste, which decreases both environmental impact and financial cost.


Our employees are our most important resource, and their dedication and competence are crucial to our success. We seek to create good, safe and inclusive work environments where our employees feel engaged and can develop to ensure that Polygon is a first-choice employer. We employ over 8,000 people in 18 countries.


We have a responsibility to conduct our business to high ethical standards and with respect towards our various stakeholders, such as our customers, employees and society in general. We expect our people to lead by example, with our values of Integrity, Excellence and Empathy as their guiding principles.


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Responsibility News

Approach to Attract People

We invest a lot into making our people thrive. This has been acknowledged externally in two of our major countries in 2019.

Exceptional 100 percent score in the UK

In the UK, we maintained our Investors In People (IIP) Platinum standard and obtained Achilles accreditation for the sixth consecutive year.

High rankings in Germany

“This proves we are doing the right things and that we are a good employer. It strengthens our employer brand – we are a great family, and satisfied employees are the best argument when it comes to recruiting skilled staff,” says Cornelia Czenkusch, HR Manager at Polygonvatro in Germany.

Polygon Model

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