Our Responsibility

Our responsibility in a changing environment

Sustainability is a determining factor for customers today. This leads to increased demands from our stakeholders and new requirements for us as a company. At Polygon, we take on the responsibility to conduct business using high ethical standards, respect towards individuals, and sustainable practices that contribute to a better environment.

Water, fire and climate all advance and threaten humanity. With the effects of climate change, the need and demand for Polygon’s services are likely to increase. In order to help our customers in the best ways possible, we continue to develop our solutions, services and partnerships in more sustainable ways.

One way of acknowledging this rapidly changing environment is by engaging in Polygon’s Our Responsibility programme. The programme aims at providing guidelines for us as a company to minimise risks and safeguard our values; but perhaps most importantly, we learn how to act sustainably, responsibly, and with respect for our customers, employees, and society in general. 

Responsibility Highlights


We take a structured approach intended to prevent accidents or injuries in all of our workplaces. This is achieved through guidelines, gear and training.

Innovative Solutions with Lightfoot

Our initiative in the UK to reduce carbon footprint is called Lightfoot. Carbon emissions have been reduced by 5%. We are aiming for 10%.

Anti-corruption & Anti-trust

We have a zero-tolerance approach to corruption and are fully committed to the principles of fair competition. Polygon has developed clearly defined guidelines for this topic.

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