Water Damage Prevention

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Preventing the water damage from happening

Property damage of all kinds can be devastating and costly for all parties involved, in both residential and commercial environments. Water damage is a problem that is often never thought about until it’s too late.

Polygon’s mission is to prevent, control and mitigate the effects of water, fire and climate – with the prevention part being Polygon’s main focus for the future. Water Damage Prevention does not only help our customers decrease costs and increase end customer satisfaction but it is also great from a sustainability perspective. By preventing damage we will be able to reduce the magnitude of water leaks and detect them so early that reconstruction can be avoided, which of course saves both time, cost and is the most sustainable solution.

For insurance companies

Connected damage prevention services can improve both customer experience and profitability for insurers. Technology enables early detection and fast mitigation along with preventive measures which all-in-all both lower the frequency of damage and the average cost per claim. Also, a digital first-point-of-loss enables efficient handling of claims and supports improved operational efficiency. Being able to help a customer even before they are aware of a problem goes beyond expectations and is the next level of customer experience for any insurer.

For commercial customers

The main impact of water damages in commercial property often goes beyond the direct costs of restoration. Unnecessarily long and complicated restoration processes can lead to significant revenue loss and reputational risks for businesses. To avoid this, Polygon offers end-to-end solutions for water damage prevention in commercial properties, tailored for each customer's specific needs. Polygon makes status inspections at the time of the installations and offers preventive recommendations. After installation, sensors can detect potential damages at an early stage and with 24/7 surveillance we make it possible to quickly have service professionals on site if needed to control the water damage and reduce the impact.

In 2020, Polygon acquired Hiotlabs. A company that is a key cornerstone of the Water Damage Prevention offering, with their market leading technology solution being based on the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine Learning. The solutions consist of sensors and a software platform, with the purpose of detecting and preventing water damages in properties. Polygon can now offer added value to customers through a unique end-to-end solution including Hiotlabs technology, which has already been proven in the market, and Polygon’s service expertise.

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