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Temporary climate solutions

Our climate solutions involve controlling the temperature or humidity of a building or manufacturing site using drying, cooling, heating and remote monitoring services. Typical assignments vary and may last from several months to a year or more.

For example, we can heat a construction site during sub-zero temperatures, reduce moisture levels on an oil platform so that it can be repainted, or control moisture levels of a food processing plant during humid summer months.

When the climate conditions of a site need modification, considerable expertise is required to make sure that the right equipment is in place to achieve the desired results. This includes extensive knowledge about building construction, airflow dynamics, ventilation requirements, the impact of ceiling height and draft doors, and the effects of outdoor temperatures and humidity levels.

We employ continuous measurement and tracking to ensure that the right conditions are maintained over time. Our solutions, coupled with the right equipment, can manage moisture levels, control temperatures and filter air with continuous monitoring

Our temporary climate solutions services include:

  • Dehumidification
  • Humidification
  • Air conditioning
  • Heating
  • Air exhaust
  • HEPA filtration
  • Chilled water
  • Total climate control
  • Remote monitoring
  • Equipment sizing
  • Project engineering
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Importance of screed moisture testing identified.

During the construction process, it is vital for the building contractor to ensure the screed has been dried to the optimal level before any final floor finishes such as vinyl, carpets or tiles are applied. If the screed is still wet, it can result in the floor finish lifting after fitting. This not only results in additional cost to repair the damage, it also creates significant disruption for the dweller and potential reputation damage for the contractor. No matter what moisture problem a customer faces, Polygon has the expertise and equipment to fix it efficiently and effectively. Not only that, if a problem is identified Polygon have a portfolio of services and an extensive fleet of equipment to create the environments that aid effective and time saving construction.

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Cricket anyone?

Polygon was contacted by Surrey County Cricket Club to provide a solution to the condensation building up and dripping onto a new wicket being created for pre-season training at the Kia Oval. Lee Fortis, the grounds man needed the tented area to be free of condensation to allow the team to create the perfect playing surface in English conditions for pre-season. By moving the dehumidifier inside and working on a recirculation basis, we were able to create dew points lower than the ambient conditions. By holding the dew point lower there was no evidence of any condensation inside the marquee.

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Why choose us?


We have spent over 60 years successflly preventing and controlling the effects of fire, water and climate by investing in ou people, knowledge and technology. This has led to the development of industry leading solutions for our customers, including a patented vehicle restoration process. Our continued commitment has enabled us to become the global leader in property damage restoration and temporary climate solutions.


Our highly trained technicians will quickly assess the damage, recommend the correct, most effective course of action and then employ a range of leading edge techniques to restore both the property and its contents.


We know that a fast, effective and appropriate response is critical to ensuring that the damage and associated costs caused by the effects of fire, water and climate are minimised. That's why we provide 24 hour coverage delivered 7 days a week by a global network of 2,600 employees. We guarantee a rapid, right first time reponse, whenever you need us.


We have a global network in place across 13 countries ensuring that we are 'Always By Your Side' when you need us. We make this process efficient for you, by providing updates on progress to ensure you return to your property as quickly as possible.