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Proactive water damage prevention for people, properties, and the environment. Minimize business interruption and reduce costs while improving safety, security, and sustainability!

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We provide 24 hour coverage delivered 7 days a week by a global network of over 8,000 employees. We guarantee a rapid, right first time response, whenever you need us.



We have a global network in place across 18 different countries on three continents, ensuring that we are 'Always By Your Side' when you need us the most.


Years experience

We have spent over 60 years successfully preventing and controlling the effects of fire, water and climate by investing in people, knowledge and technology.

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Polygon – Always by your side

Everyone who owns a property wants to avoid damage caused by fire, water or humidity. To prevent and control is a good start. But sometimes damage still occurs. And when it does – fast and efficient mitigation is a must. This is why Polygon exists. We prevent, control and mitigate. And our customers know that we are always by their side.

Driving transformation in property damage control

Polygon is a major worldwide player in property damage control, providing solutions to prevent, control and mitigate all kinds of property damage. The basis for our success is our 8,000 committed employees, guided by a strong corporate culture. We see ourselves as the new generation of Property Damage Control specialists – determined to drive industry transformation.