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Consulting is a service that manages and plans for the effects of moisture throughout the entire life cycle of a building. Our expert building engineers are engaged to ensure that issues stemming from moisture are minimised and managed in order to effectively build and ensure the life of a building.

Polygon’s consultants are certified moisture safety engineers, who can help with moisture damage investigations, selection of the right materials, advice for a dry construction process, phasing out or remediation of hazardous substances, damp-proofing and radon detection. Particularly in the Nordic climate, moisture management is a critical investment that can lead to considerable savings on future property damage costs.

In a damage investigation, our consultants determine the damage range, analyse test results to ascertain the cause and then recommend appropriate actions. Our consulting services are complemented by our services in fire and water damage restoration and enable us to be the global expert in property damage control.

More about consulting

Our consulting services include:

  • Damage investigation
  • Radon investigation
  • Certification of green buildings
  • Density testing and thermography
  • Construction planning
  • Measurement
  • Control and monitoring
  • Advanced simulations of heat and moisture transport