Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Aquisitions

Polygon Group is acquiring entrepreneurial companies that share our values of integrity, excellence and empathy.

There can be many reasons for selling a business. It could for example be due to the owner reaching retirement, a desire to enjoy the benefits of becoming part of a larger group with a strong brand and national presence or to secure the position in the market and the jobs for the employees in the company. It could also be a need for capital for investments or know-how to take the company to the next level and reach its full potential.

No matter what you situation is, Polygon knows that selling your company is probably one of the biggest decisions in your life – Many of our current employees are former business owners who decided to join Polygon for these reasons.

What we are looking for

  • Strong entrepreneurs with a business that strengthens or complements Polygon’s core business, property damage restoration, in terms of service offering or geography
  • Entrepreneurial companies that share our values as a “people’s first” organization with a strong customer focus and share our core values of integrity, excellence and empathy

What we offer

  • Polygon offers a highly decentralized organization with the opportunity to continue to run the business with a great level of autonomy and with the backing and benefits of a global organization. - At Polygon we understand that your business is local and that decisions are best taken close to the customers.
  • As part of a larger group, we offer support in Finance, Marketing, HR and operations and all acquired companies will benefit from the breadth of knowledge in Polygon´s global organization.

Our acquisition strategy is ambitious. We are the clear market leader in Europe and our target is to be the number one in each country we operate in. We also have a footprint in the US, Canada and Singapore.

We promise to be by your side when leaving your life’s work in our hands. With respect for your legacy, we will together bring your company to new levels, with the best in mind for the company, employees and customers.

With numerous successful acquisitions under our belt, we have developed a proven process for acquiring and integrating companies, facilitating a seamless transition that minimises disruptions for employees and customers.

Throughout the past years, we have expanded our portfolio through a series of acquisitions, establishing a presence in multiple countries.

Contact M&A Management

Please contact us directly if you think your company could grow as part of Polygon Group and would like to know more.

Jos Arons - Global Head of M&A

+49 151 55064070

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M&A News

Market Trends are on Our Side

"The market for property damage control is growing slowly over time, and is relatively stable and mainly attributable to recurring claims. A smaller part is generated from extreme and less predictable events caused by weather or fire. There are several market trends that benefit a large player like us. Procurement centralisation and increased preference for onestop shops among insurance companies are two. Another is that digitalisation is bringing on demand for more complex and integrated IT solutions."

Efforts Pay Off

"Polygon is the clear European market leader and number two globally. We are leading the consolidation in Europe and are building a superior platform. We have our house in good order after spending a lot of effort to secure quality and consistency. Further on, our focus is to accelerate profit growth through additional strategic acquisitions, driving organic growth in both residential and commercial segments and continuing to improve efficiency using our group strength. Our efforts are beginning to pay off, and we see many opportunities and a bright future ahead."

Axel Gränitz, President & CEO of Polygon Group

Deciding to join Polygon

"Is there ever an easy answer, when there's a decision to make?" is the question our video below starts off with. Whatever the reasons, Polygon knows that selling a business is one of the biggest decisions in your life.

Peter Johansson shares his experience:

“It was a tough and big decision to make, as it was my life’s work. But at the same time, I knew that Polygon was a fantastic brand and company. If I had known then, what I know today – I wouldn’t have had any worries!

What we achieved together with Polygon, we would never have been able to do on our own. My goal was to reach 25 million (SEK) in annual turnover. Now, 2020, I expect an annual turnover of 100 to 150 million!”