Leak detection

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Leak detection

We offer a range of leak detection services that reduce risk and mitigate damage by providing accurate, non-destructive detection where traditional methods will be destructive or have already failed.

A leak may be undetectable to the naked eye, but could be located in, for example, a pipe, a roof, a heating system or a swimming pool. We use multiple techniques to identify leaks and minimise damage to the property, including infrared cameras, tracer gas, smoke and air pressure. All repairs are carried out by our fully qualified engineers.

We employ a number of technologies to detect leaks in situations from small-scale domestic water pipe leaks to major pipeline constructions. In order to avoid invasive measures such as large-scale excavation, we use specialist equipment and technical expertise to locate hidden leaks quickly and accurately.

Since prevention is key, our service is designed to identify areas of concern before damage occurs and in the event of a problem, we can advise on the best course of action to mitigate the damage.

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