Clearing soot, debris and drying up water.

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Clearing soot, debris and drying up water.

After the fire

Polygon’s role in a fire incident is to both clean up after the fire and mitigate the secondary effects, which include smoke damage, oxidisation and water damage caused by extinguishing the blaze.

Drying up water, restoring buildings, machines and equipment. These are the major restoration challenges after a sudden fire, and Polygon is equipped to take on the job anywhere – from start to finish.

Cleaning up a fire site involves clearing ash and debris, and salvaging what can be saved. In some cases, the clean-up will reveal further water damage, which leads to a drying process and perhaps a property restoration job to replace damaged surfaces and structures.

Large fire damage restoration jobs may require sharing knowledge and equipment between Polygon units. We often deploy sub-contractors for reconstruction assignments, for which we always strive to take the project management role.

Polygon is also equipped to take on jobs in other countries, as well as on ships and oil platforms. We have training certificates to work offshore in these highly specialised environments.

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