Polygon understands that property is a valuable asset and should be treated as such. That’s why we have created a range of services that reduce risk and protect against future damage, enabling property managers to maximize the use and therefore the return on property investment.

Whether it is too remediate damage caused by fire or flood or negate the effects of seasonal variances in humidity; our complete solutions effectively ensure business continuity and manage risk.

Our range of services is designed to reduce risk, mitigate against damage and optimize working environments:

Over 60 years of experience in effectively managing complex environments
Code Blue® enables organizations to maximize the benefits of business continuity and disaster recovery plans. It ensures a faster response to damage and stabilizes business critical operations through prioritization of business critical functions.

In the event damage is suffered our specialist Direct Reaction Team (DRT®) ensures properties are returned to pre-incident condition in the fastest time possible – delivering reduced business interruption costs and protecting capital investments.