Moisture testing

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Moisture testing

Moisture can cause serious problems for any industry and without the right equipment or procedures in place, the risk of damage is very high. The presence of moisture in any worksite can be the result of a number of issues, such as drying rainwater after a storm or even bringing concrete slabs to specific moisture and humidity levels.

As part of the bespoke service, Polygon will assess your individual requirements and provide a dedicated action plan to quickly resolve any moisture problems with as little hassle and disruption as possible.

The Polygon moisture service is designed to ensure you comply with all legal requirements, whilst maintaining to tight working schedules throughout the year. The range of equipment available to tackle moisture problems will help to provide optimum working conditions and ensure facility shut downs are a thing of the past.

Polygon moisture testing and services are readily available to the construction industry to overcome issues with wet floors, mould growth and condensation.

As each client’s needs are tailored for, there are a number of specifications that are taken into account. These include:

  • The size and use of the space
  • Current ventilation systems in place
  • The type of floor screed used, thickness and date laid etc.
  • On-site equipment specifications such as moisture and heat load
  • Rate of moisture infiltration from the product

The factors outlined above are analysed and a dedicated action plan put in place to tackle moisture issues on your site. Suitable equipment is chosen and Polygon’s team of expert engineers will test and inspect this to ensure it complies with the latest safety and anti-contamination regulations.

Only after these vigilant checks will the drying equipment be supplied and installed in the designated area. It will require access to an electrical supply and as such, will need positioning close to this area.

This service is the best way to create a safe and moisture-free environment for any industrial site. Polygon’s dry air system achieves precise results that control humidity and moisture levels as required.

Why Polygon?

Polygon offers a bespoke service to quickly and efficiently resolve moisture issues in any workplace environment. The service:

  • Keeps energy costs to a minimum
  • Incorporates environmentally friendly technology
  • Offers excellent hygiene conditions
  • Provides a safe working environment
  • Is available around the clock, 24/7
  • Complies with all legal requirements.

With years of experience, Polygon’s team of highly trained engineers are able to analyse and resolve all moisture related complaints.

The climate control equipment eliminates moisture in the air and materials, whilst maintaining consistent humidity level, dew point and temperature for optimal working conditions. Each solution is optimised to guarantee the best results and maximise efficiency in the workplace environment.