Management group

Management group

Erik-Jan Jansen

President and CEO

Born in 1965
Joined Polygon 2014
Background: COO Europe at Securitas Group, several international assignments in the hotel industry. 
Education: C.Sc Business Administration from the Hotel Management School in Maastricht, Netherlands. 

Jonas Granath

Chief Commercial Officer & Deputy CEO

Born in 1976
Joined Polygon in 2014
Background: Senior positions at IL Recycling Poland, Swedish Trade Council 

M.Sc. Economics and Business Administration from Stockholm School of Economics & University of St. Gallen.

Mats Norberg

Chief Financial Officer

Born in 1959
Joined Polygon in 2013
Background: CFO for the Nordics, Baltics and Switzerland at Dahl International/Saint Gobain, CFO at Aftonbladet.
Education: M.Sc. Business Administration from Uppsala University. 

Christian Kohl

Chief Operating Officer