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At Polygon we can accelerate your drying times, help keep to important deadlines and ultimately save you money.

Dehumidifiers have become an essential component in tackling moisture related problems. Not only will a dehumidifier aid the drying out of materials, but it’ll also remove moisture from the air and prevent further complications and expense.

Since Polygon was founded over 40 years ago, drying has always been at the core of Polygon’s service and it has remained there until this day. Polygon’s fully trained engineers have both the experience and expertise to take on any situation and provide a service that causes minimal disruption and considers each situation accordingly.

With Polygon’s Temporary Climate Solutions, a service is provided that’s effective, timely and under complete control. Using innovative technology and trusted professionals, Polygon guarantees reliable and repeatable results.

Polygon is proud to continue leading the industry in efficient and effective solutions to control any environment, whilst being available 24/7.

To reduce moisture and encourage the drying out process, Polygon create a targeted action plan for your needs, then provide the necessary equipment on a short or long term rental basis.

Polygon’s state-of-the-art equipment is suitable for a range of drying needs. Polygon understands how to deal with a range of materials and the importance of drying them back to safe levels.

Moisture typically becomes an issue when it penetrates insulation, resulting in a constantly damp floor, wall or roof.

Of course, one option here would be to remove brickwork, roofing materials and even lift the flooring. However, this is a major hassle and not only will it take time, but it’s not a cost effective solution.

With the Polygon Solution you can eliminate moisture without the need to strip your walls and floors bare. With four decades of experience taking on drying-related problems, Polygon are suitably placed to offer an excellent solution.

Polygon’s specialist engineers can supply and install a range of rental equipment to cater to your individual needs.

Why Polygon

By choosing Polygon you will benefit from:

  • An extensive range of efficient and effective solutions
  • A variety of equipment to meet your specifications
  • A solution that eliminates long term maintenance
  • A reduction in material wastage
  • An optimised working environment.

Essentially, the benefits of renting a dehumidifier far outweigh any alternatives. It is a long and expensive process to remove wet insulation, whereas the Polygon technique offers substantial financial savings, whilst providing an efficient and clean solution.

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