How we work

How we work

Polygon is a decentralized service company with a distributed organization and a strong base of unit managers, for whom local entrepreneurship is the foundation for success. We have a clear business philosophy and a set of management principles that guide us in our daily work. We call it the Polygon Model. It contains everything needed to position us as the global expert in property damage control. And it gives us a solid base to lead industry transformation.

The Method is our principles that unit managers follow in their day-to-day management of the business.  

Create a Simple Organisation

is about reducing bureaucracy and placing a stronger focus on the customer. We continuously reinforce the importance of clear accountabilities and teams large enough to be efficient, yet small enough to make quick decisions. We can thereby respond swiftly to our customers’ needs, which is crucial for success in our business. Creating a simple organisation is vital in a decentralised service organisation supported by global guidelines. Lead by Example connects our core values with the way our managers lead. It is about delivering on promises, making things happen and caring about our customers and our own people. This type of leadership fully leverages the power of the simple organisation.

Measure for Progress

is a set of tools that help us focus on performance − input − rather than only measuring output through financial reports. All of our units are measured on ten simple performance indicators in the areas of business performance, customer satisfaction and employee performance.

Manage our Risks

represents our way of identifying the most significant risks to create awareness and avoid threats to our business. The key risk areas are finance, IT, contracts and assignments, human resources and governance.

Advance our Industry

is about our responsibility to promote good working terms and conditions for our employees, while striving to ensure that our competitors meet the same standards. As an industry leader, we feel a strong sense of responsibility to drive this development and we are convinced that it will benefit our whole industry, our employees and our customers.

Earn the Right to Grow

is about developing our business in the right sequence. This means getting the basics in place and delivering our core services in a consistent way before venturing into new business areas or making acquisitions.


Our values serve as a guide to our people in their everyday interactions with customers, colleagues, partners and other stakeholders.

Integrity means that we are honest, accountable and reliable.

Excellence means that we are experts and knowledge leaders, that we strive for continuous improvement and apply best practices.

Empathy embodies our understanding of our customers’ situations, our desire to be helpful and that our people make the difference.