Working with Polygon ́s Climate Control Services in Tripla - The Construction Site of the Year

YIT's multi-billion-class construction project Tripla is located in Pasila, in Helsinki. This modern mega-project has been investing in modern operating methods and earned the prestigious award, “The Construction Site of the Year 2018”. Polygon's climate control services support the quality of the construction project.

Tripla is built by YIT in Helsinki, Central Pasila, and is a commercial, cultural and business center, consisting of three blocks and underground spaces. Tripla includes a shopping center, a parking facility, public transport, apartments, hotels and offices, with a total area of ​​approximately 183,000 square meters. This is Finland's largest construction project, and it will be completed in stages, in 2019 and 2020.

As a sign of good leadership and implementation of a demanding project, Rakennuslehti chose Tripla as the Construction Site of the Year in October 2018. Excellent time control of construction, extensive utilization of data models and digital tools and a good spirit of the site, was some of the qualities mentioned, that made Tripla the obvious choice for this year’s project.

Polygon is responsible for moisture measurings of Tripla – both in traditional methods and by IoT solutions. Niko Rautio – Branch Manager at Polygon, has worked at site, since the summer of 2017. For Polygon, the site has included all other Tripla buildings, with the exception of housing construction.

"We already had a frame agreement of moisture measurements with YIT, and to this project we were chosen among several players. The first half of the year, we made moisture measurements based on separate orders, but after that in a larger scale.”

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