Polygon’s commitment to sustainability

World Earth Day is taking place this week, which celebrates the world’s commitment to the environment and climate change. It also gives us the chance, as a business; to take stock of the different initiatives we’re pioneering to tackle sustainability and environmental issues within our industry.

Polygon is an organisation that behaves responsibly and promotes sustainability at every level of the business. Our core business is to restore property which limits the use of new materials and waste. Our strategy is to continuously improve and to work even further with preventive services such as Internet of Things. Our way of working decreases both environmental impact and cost.

However when our activities impact the environment we strive to be as efficient as possible. This is a very central part of the Our responsibility programme which provides an opportunity for us as a company to minimise risk, to safeguard our values and to act sustainably, responsibly and with respect for our customers, colleagues, suppliers and society in general. 

Reducing landfill waste

Polygon’s restoration over replacement pledge also helps to reduce landfill waste and our overall environmental impact. Extensive strip-outs have an increased effect on the environment. When landfill waste de-composes it releases methane gas, which traps heat in the atmosphere.

The environment is a central part of Polygon’s corporate responsibility. As an organisation, Polygon is committed to ensuring that we take all opportunities to minimise risks, whilst safeguarding our key values and consistently working to improve our sustainability procedures.

An example of this dedication is shown through our collaborative study with the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. This study quantified that Polygon saves 25% of CO2 through our bespoke WDR services. Read our research findings here.  

Find out more about Polygon’s sustainability and environmental practices here.

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