Polygon Restoration prevents spread of Covid-19 in Canada

Polygon Restoration in Canada has now started cleaning and disinfection jobs in relation to Covid-19. In just one week they were called to two jobs in Montreal; one preventative job and one job to disinfect a long-term care facility.

“We have delivered services 24/7 throughout the lockdown”, says Fabio Bernardo Country President at Polygon Restoration in Canada. “A testament to our people’s commitment and passion to assist, especially in a time of such need. We come to the aid of essential businesses and most importantly public services which must carry on with their important work.”

Canada is preparing for multiple testing sites and is installing temporary drive-thru testing clinics for Covid-19. In one site located in downtown Montreal, Polygon Restoration in Canada was contacted to carry out preventative disinfection of the temporary facility. They wanted to ensure that the facility was virus-free to carry on with their testing.

“We used a combination of techniques that we have learned and shared throughout the group that we know to be effective. We were able to promptly disinfect the walls, ceilings, furniture, doors and handles of the multiple temporary structures.” says Aymar d’Orsanne, Unit Manager at Polygon Restoration in Canada.

“We are uniquely suited to perform these types of tasks given our emergency response capabilities and our focus on health and safety. We have also adapted some of our standard operating procedures to minimize risk from COVID 19 and safeguard both our personnel and customers”, says Fabio Bernardo.

Additionally, following a case of Covid-19 at a long-term care facility for the elderly in Montreal, Polygon Restoration was contacted to perform the disinfection of the property.

All residents had been evacuated from the home when Polygon Restoration arrived. Polygon Restoration promptly disinfected the offices, corridors, boiler room and all the high-traffic surfaces such as door handles, light switches, keyboards etc.

“Our technicians are prepared and equipped to perform these types of services. We always have our employees’ safety in mind first and now it’s even more important to be trained and well-equipped to employ the proper personal protective equipment”, says Aymar d’Orsanne, Unit Manager at Polygon Restoration in Canada.

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