Cases – Fire

Helping restore homes in Norway

When a rooftop fire created serious damage to an apartment block in Kolbotn, Norway, Polygon was on the scene the same day the fire was extinguished.

The four-story building contained 23 apartments, of which two were basically destroyed by the blaze itself. The rest were affected in varying degrees by the water used to extinguish the fire, either directly or from leakage down to the bottom floors. This assignment contained every element of a fire damage restoration job: clearing and cleaning the debris from the fire, water damage restoration to all of the apartments, and mould remediation in the areas where moisture had taken hold.

The complexity was exacerbated by the number of displaced people. Many people were affected, as all of the tenants had to move out of the building while restoration took place. We knew that we would need three to four months to complete the assignment, so it required communication, empathy, efficient project management and control of our processes in order to avoid delays and enable people to move back into their homes.

We are a trusted insurance partner because we can take full responsibility for an assignment. In this case, we performed all of the damage restoration work ourselves and outsourced a separate lab company to perform the mould testing. It is important for us to have a positive dialogue with the end customers throughout a project since happy residents result in satisfied customers