Cases – Fire

Going through fire and water

In 2015, one of Europe’s leading printing houses located in the southeast Netherlands suffered major damage. One of their presses was severely damaged by fire. Not only was this a serious disruption to their operations, it was also in the midst of the summer holiday season. How could they find companies with available capacity to handle a clean-up and salvage job?

This all happened on a Saturday. Basically, the company needed to be up and running within a week to avoid a costly loss of business. So, the job had to be done by Wednesday. That meant only four days in total to complete the restoration work.

Given the scope of the assignment, no single damage restoration company in the Netherlands was able to provide the necessary capacity. The job required 250 specialists working around the clock. So, three different companies were contacted by the insurer’s claims adjuster. Polygon Netherlands was one of them.

Increased capacity with international collegues
To increase capacity to cover the required shifts, Polygon Netherlands immediately contacted their colleagues in Germany. They are only a few hours’ drive from the Dutch border. The response was immediate: a team of 75 German professionals were ready to start the job on Sunday morning in cooperation with the Dutch staff. In addition, they made their Major and complex claims specialists available.

The large project skills of our German Polygon team were crucial to success. Their professionalism and discipline set the standards for everyone involved. Paper stock and debris had to be removed from the 30,000 square metres that had been damaged by smoke, soot and water. Sky lifts were used. In the end more than 450 people were working in the space at any given time. Safety regulations and standards were therefore extremely rigorous.

The job was completed according to specifications. And on time. Literally correcting the printer’s error.