Leak detection
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CCTV is just one of the services we provide to support our full-scale non-destructive leak detection techniques. CCTV enables our qualified engineers to see further than the naked eye without having to excavate the area. Access can be gained through a manhole, inspection chamber or rodding-eye.

Polygon employ a range of leak detection measures dependent on the situation. As well as our CCTV capabilities, we also offer tracer gas techniques and thermal imaging to provide a full and comprehensive service.

The drainage system is a crucial component of any property and without easy access it’s often difficult to understand the full extent of a leak. This is where CCTV comes into the picture. Aging drains can suffer from a number of faults that will affect your property, including:

  • Damage and displacement from subsidence
  • Erosion of the drains or pipework
  • Intrusion and damage from tree roots
  • Damage from rats and other pests

Without taking action to repair the pipework or drainage system, this can result in serious implications to your property. As part of Polygon’s full-scale leak detection service, we’ll investigate the conditions of your pipes, drains and sewers. An image will be displayed on a TV screen as the cable explores your drainage system.

With drainage CCTV we are able to better analyse the situation and create a plan of attack for ensuring minimal disruption and destruction in our efforts to reach the leak.

It’s not just in the event of a problem that customers choose Polygon’s leak detection service either. It’s common for those preparing to buy a new property to take advantage of our CCTV drainage service, whereby they can assess the pipework and ensure no hidden problems will end up costing them a fortune in repair work.

Polygon is the first choice service for leak detection and we can discover the source of the problem quickly and efficiently.