Temporary Climate Solutions

Introducing ExactAire® - Remote Monitoring and Control

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Connected devices. Real-time data. Controlled conditions.

Polygon's ExactAire® gives you real-time visibility and control of your indoor built environment for proactive building management and greater risk mitigation. Leveraging real-time data is a key competitive advantage for businesses aimed at protecting their assets, delivering superior results. By connected devices throughout a building empowers stakeholders to be proactive from construction to occupancy.

ExactAire® helps project managers, owners, and facility managers continuously monitor conditions and understand how they change over time. It uses long-range, low-power IoT communications to collect, transmit and visualise data from a variety of sensors. Standard sensors include Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)Leak DetectionToxic GasWood (WME) and Concrete Moisture Management and Surface Temperature. Custom alerts and dashboards keep users well-informed so they can respond to changing conditions before issues occur.

ExactAire Smart Controller takes the waste out of environmental control. This technology uses sensor data to turn equipment on and off based on user-defined specifications. This approach reduces energy usage and operating costs, and creates a higher-performing, sustainable solution.

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Temporary Climate Solutions

Our climate solutions involve controlling the temperature or humidity of a building or manufacturing site using drying, cooling, heating and remote monitoring services. Typical assignments vary and may last from several months to a year or more.

For example, we can heat a construction site during sub-zero temperatures, reduce moisture levels on an oil platform so that it can be repainted, or control moisture levels of a food processing plant during humid summer months.

When the climate conditions of a site need modification, considerable expertise is required to make sure that the right equipment is in place to achieve the desired results. This includes extensive knowledge about building construction, airflow dynamics, ventilation requirements, the impact of ceiling height and draft doors, and the effects of outdoor temperatures and humidity levels.

We employ continuous measurement and tracking to ensure that the right conditions are maintained over time. Our solutions, coupled with the right equipment, can manage moisture levels, control temperatures and filter air with continuous monitoring

Our Temporary Climate Solutions services include: dehumidification, humidification, air conditioning, heating, air exhaust, HEPA filtration, chilled water, total climate control, remote monitoring, equipment sizing and project engineering

Why choose us?


We support many different industries from food and pharmaceutical to marine and nuclear, each with their own unique set of challenges. Due to our in-depth knowledge of humidity and temperature, our highly trained engineers can analyse and resolve any moisture-related complaint.


We have acquired a deep knowledge of materials and the importance of drying them to the manufacturer's specification. We also work in conjunction with the UK Centre for Construction in Buildings, which enables us to deliver a knowledgeable, cost-effective solution.


All Polygon equipment is state-of-the-art, and you’ll have access to our 24/7 support. Our equipment is serviced regularly and maintains excellent environmental friendliness. Every solution we provide is optimised to guarantee the best results and maximise efficiency in the workplace environment.

24/7 Monitoring

Humidity, temperature and wood moisture content heavily influence the integrity of building systems and critical facilities. Polygon’s Remote Monitoring System (ReMo) provides intelligent, 24/7 monitoring of these environmental parameters, based on your requirements.