Major & Complex Claims

When there is a commercial or complex loss, our dedicated team of experienced project managers and highly trained technicians are there.

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Expert Management for Commercial and Complex Losses

We provide 24-hour coverage, delivered 7 days a week by a global network and guarantee a rapid, right, first-time response.

If the event of a commercial or complex loss, everyone involved needs reassurance that the project will be robustly managed, that Business Interruption will be minimized and that the affected business will return to operation in the shortest time possible. Thankfully, our Major & Complex Claims team is best placed to recommend the most effective course of action, using leading edge techniques to restore both the property and its contents.

Our Major & Complex Claims team is dedicated to managing major, complex, commercial and high net worth losses. Specifically recruited for their industry experience in managing multiple types of complex losses, the team are fully trained in fire and water damage restoration and are ready 24/7, 365 days per year to respond.


  • Minimized disruptions, maximized efficiency
  • Tailored expertise for optimal restoration
  • Global Network, Local Expertise


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