Find and Fix For The Homeowner

Find and Fix For The Homeowner

Polygon's one stop find & fix solution delivers fast results.

Our joined up find and fix service, delivered by specialist technicians, provides accurate, non-destructive detection and reinstatement, where traditional methods will be destructive or have failed. A one stop solution that can also integrate drying; our service delivers a fast, effective response to enhance the customer journey and support ‘treating customers fairly’ propositions.

So why choose us?

• Our accurate find and fix service limits expensive excavation as well as subsequent repair and redecoration work
• We minimise water loss which means less damage to the building and a faster drying time
• Policyholder interruption is minimised, providing the inhabitants of the building with the reassurance that the job is done right
• Accurate and transparent reporting ensures you know precisely what we have done and what the cost is.

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